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MEG warmly welcomes new members. Our natural environment deserves many supporters.

By joining MEG, you will:

Increase the advocacy of the group

Volunteers with balloons outdoors in nature

What does MEG do?

MEG is involved in environmental activites in Montrose, the Dandenong Ranges and Melbourne's outer east, including:

Read more about what we do at Projects and Events.

How can I contribute?

MEG is a diverse and inclusive group and we welcome anyone who is passionate about the environment or interested in learning more. We hold events throughout the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and have members covering a wide area of Victoria – you don't have to live in Montrose to be a member!

Although we encourage you to, you don't need to participate in any of the events organised by MEG – a silent membership will keep you informed and increase the vocal power of the group.

If you'd like more information about the group's activities and possible opportunities for you to contribute, please contact us to discuss further, or contact one of the organisers listed on our Events page.


As a member you will be sent/emailed the MEG newsletter Spinulosa four times a year, which is named after the local shrub Banksia spinulosa. It contains:

A selection of past Spinulosa issues is available here.

Keeping in contact

Our main form of communication with members is through emails, including the Spinulosa newsletter. You can also follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. To renew your membership or update your details, please fill out the membership form below and email or post it to us.

Membership application

To sign up as a member or renew your membership:

  1. Fill in the membership form (either use a PDF reader that supports forms, or print it)
  2. Send us the form by email ( or post (PO Box 7, Montrose Victoria 3765)
  3. Pay for your membership by direct debit, cheque or money order (more details in the membership form)

If you have any questions about MEG or membership, please contact us.

Annual membership rates

Membership Form

Thank you for your interest in MEG and our local environment. We look forward to your involvement.